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       Who is REInvestAmerica?

REIferral.com and REInvestAmerica is a subsidiary of Round Table Property Solutions, LLC owned and managed by Cheryl Glover a registered licensed referral Agent  with the National Referral Group * owned by NRT.  REIferral.com/REInvestAmerica is a legal entity of Round Table Property Solutions, LLC and may include other products and services we provide. Round Table Property Solutions, LLC, owned by Cheryl Glover,  a real estate referral licensed in the state of New Jersey.

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REIferral.com and REInvestAmerica.info (and all our mirror sites:** ) is available to you only upon your acceptance of the entirety of these Terms and Conditions. By using this site in any way, and by registering, you are acknowledging that you have read, understood and agree to the Terms and Conditions written here.

If You Don’t Agree

If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, please do not use this site. Close this browser window or head to Google to find another website to better suit your needs. We’ll be sad to see you go, but rules are rules.

Subject to Change

These Terms and Conditions may change from time to time. Changes will be posted on this page.

How REIferral Works

REIferral/REInvestAmerica is a matchmaker for the real estate world. We help home buyers and commercial investors and sellers find the best real estate professionals in their area. We specialize in helping international buyers find USA real estate professionals in their language and the city they want to invest in.  NRT has access to 98,000 agents in their network.


REIferral/REInvestAmerica is a free service for home buyers/investors and sellers. There are no fees to buyers or investors and sellers will be charged normal real estate fees by the referring agent to list their property. REIferral/REInvestAmerica makes money from referral fees paid by the real estate professionals who help our users buy or sell a home or invest in assets. In other words, we make money when you receive the best service.  Some commercial private sale assets charge a fee to the buyer.  We only collect referral fees from Realtors who bring you service.


By using REIferral/REInvestAmerica, you understand that a referral fee will be paid by agents as a result of any home/asset bought or sold through our referral or matchmaking. The referral fee is 25%-30% of the commission generated on the transaction side which has been referred out. It is rare that we need to find an agent outside out network (really 98,000 agents).  Usually, if we have to go outside of the network it is for language reasons. Finding an agent that speaks your language is our priority.

No Warranties

REIferral/REInvestAmerica and everyone associated with it (including members, real estate professionals, home buyers and sellers, directors, investors, employees, suppliers and more) provide this website and all associated products and services on an “as is” basis with no warranty or condition, express, implied or statutory. You utilize our products and services at your own risk. REIferral/REInvestAmerica and everyone involved in its existence will not be held liable for inaccurate or outdated information, harm caused by accessing our website or any other harm that may be realized by your use of our website, products and services.


REIferral/REInvestAmerica will not be held liable for actions taken by the real estate professionals or the home buyers and sellers that were referred. We hope you’ll treat each other right and avoid dispute. But should an issue arise, it’s between the involved parties. We are a matchmaker, and not part of your dispute.  If you do not like or cannot work with the Agent we referred you to, we have many others to match you to.




All the content on this site (text, graphics, images, videos, logos, music, software, code and more) is the property of REIferral/REInvestAmerica and is protected by United States and international copyright laws.


Our privacy policy in a nutshell: we promise not to do dumb things with your personal information. If you’d like to read an expanded version of that promise, click here. When you register on this site you are agreeing that your information may be shared with a licensed Realtor in the State that you requested.

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